su:m37º Fleur Regenerative 3item Special set


숨37º 플레르 3종 세트

Brand : su:m37


Product description

An anti-aging series specifically designed for Asian women, addresses skin pre-aging and defers spread of aging. With the help of Orchid Y ComplexTM and Purity FermTM technique, it enhances skin elasticity and helps strengthen the skin barrier. Skin becomes engerized. Natural Moisturizing Ingredient (Trehalose), creating a moisturizing layer on skin, continuously infuses skin with moisture and nutrients. Improves skin transparency at the same time accelebrates skin’s absorbing ability, preparing a strong foundation for healthy skin. Does not contain synthetic fragrance

Fleur Regenerating Toner 150ml
Fleur Regenerating Emulsion 130ml
Fleur Regenerating Cream 25ml

Fleur Regenerating Toner 20ml
Fleur Regenerating Emulsion 20ml
Fleur Regenerating Cream 10ml
Summa Elixir 8-Miracle Essence 8ml
Fleur Regenerating Eye Cream 10ml

How to use:

After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of toner on palm or cotton pad. Apply on face following an outward direction.

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