Primera Super Black Seed Cold-Drop™ Cream 50ml


프리메라 슈퍼 블랙씨드 콜드-드랍 크림 50ml

Categories : Brand P Primera Skin Care Cream



Early-anti-aging cream that extracts black seed's antioxidant content to protect early aging and strengthen skin barrier

Stricken with harmful environmental stress for the daily skin mild early - Anti-Aging Care

Powerful antioxidants from black rice help to relieve skin stress and strengthen skin resistance to
protect skin from daily skin fatigue and harmful environments that promote early aging.

After using the serum, take an appropriate amount and gently spread from the inside of the face to the outside

Super seed, black rice, rich in antioxidants

Super food black seed with excellent anti-aging effects. Among them, black rice is rich in vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that are good for the skin, and the antioxidant anthocyanin is 140 times richer than white rice. Primera has selected the precious native wild rice and naturally grown black rice that are grown healthy in Jangheung's clean environment .

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