Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum 8ml


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Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum 8ml [New Formula]

23 years of research into Sulwhasoo's unique first step Korean herbal serum

with the 5th generation JAUM Activator™ that greatly increases the power of wrinkle reduction.

More than ever by stimulating the function of the skin to improve its condition every day.

The number one best-selling pre-serum product, sold 1 bottle every 10 seconds, and remained number 1 in the anti-aging category for 6 consecutive years. with JAUM Balancing Complex from Korean medicinal plants Selected from more than 3,000 species, carefully researched into 5 superb varieties: Rhubarb Root, Chinese Peony Root, Indian Lotus Seed, Lily Leg, and Solomon's Seal. It takes 18 hours to simmer. A pure serum that fights the 5 signs of aging: elasticity, vitality, radiance, radiance. and firmness Create healthy skin by creating harmony and balance to the skin Revitalizes you to reveal beautiful, glowing, healthy skin by using it as the first step after cleansing. Serum will enhance the absorption and provide better results of the next skincare product. Suitable for people with sensitive or sensitive skin.

• Concentrated Pre-Serum Use it as the first step after cleansing the skin. Helps increase the efficiency of skin care products in the next step.

• Featured with the JAUM Balancing Complex, 5 carefully researched strains take 18 hours to simmer until the serum is pure.

• Cope with 5 signs of aging: resilience, vitality, radiance, radiance. and firmness

• Rejuvenate, wrinkles look faded, healthy, radiant skin, glowing from the inside out.
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