Missha Pure Source Pocker Pack [Green Tea] 10ml


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Brand : MISSHA


Product description

MISSHA Pure Source Pocket Pack 10ml (Disposable pack)
# Aloe - Sleeping Pack
# Honey - Sleeping Pack
# Pearl - Sleeping Pack
# Green Tea - Sleeping Pack
# Tea Tree - Sleeping Pack
# Shea Butter - Sleeping Pack
# Lemon - Sleeping Pack
# Pomegranate - Wash off Pack
# Rice - Peeling Gel
# Lotus Flower - Peel Off Pack

[Sleeping Pack]
After your evening skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount and evenly spread over your entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area.
Go to bed and rinse with water the next morning.
[Wash off Pack]
After wash up, apply toner for cleaning up skin texture.
Spread this on whole face except skin around mouth, eyes. Do gentle massage with fingers rolling lightly for 1~2 minutes.
After 10 minutes, wash off with rukewarm water clearly.
[Peeling Gel]
Apply an ample amount to cleansed and towel-dried face.
Massage skin until clumps of impurities are present. Wash off with luk warm water.
[Peel Off Pack]
1. After applying on skin, apply a moderate amount around face avoiding the eye line and lip
2. Take the dried pack after 15~20 minutes
3. Using cotton, apply the base care
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