Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser100ml


이니스프리 블루베리 리밸런싱 5.5 클렌저 100ml

Brand : innisfree



--------------- Product Details

1. Restores a healthy pH level and oil-water balance
It helps restore the balance of weak acidic pH level and oil-water level of your skin to give a relaxed condition. Less stress is added to the skin while cleansing, creating a perfect makeup-ready skin.

2. A moist formula leaves essential moisture in the skin
Leaves essential moisture in the skin to keep it moisturized and healthy after cleansing.

3. Comforting and soft cleansing by dense blueberry bubbles
Helps you enjoy a relaxing cleansing with dense and creamy foam that wraps around the skin.


----------------- HOW TO USE

Take an appropriate amount on wet hands and make rich lather and gently massage onto the entire face and rinse off with lukewarm water.

----------------- INGREDIENTS


1. Wonderful antioxidant power in blueberries, the purple gift from god
Listed by Times as one of the 10 superfoods and known as the purple gift from god,
blueberry provides a healthy and firming skin with its antioxidant abilities.
(*Limited to ingredient features)

2. The weak-acidic formula for healthy skincare
Skin surface with a weak-acidic barrier is the yardstick for skin’s health.
Blueberry Rebalancing Line keeps the formula’s pH level at 5.5 from the cleanser
to provide balanced skincare.

3. Oil-water balance complete at the basic step
Oil-water balance completed by using only Blueberry Rebalancing Line
without involving any complicated process

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