MEDI-PEEL Black Honey Sebum Extractor 100ml


메디필 블랙 허니 세범 익스트렉터 100ml



Product Benefits

4 Effects of blackhead removal, pore elasticity, excess sebum control, skin soothing.
Sebum solution containing royal jelly, propolis and honey extract to help smooth and clean skin by taking care of pores. The composition is enriched with a complex of honey , which will help saturate the skin with the necessary nutrients, moisturize and revitalize a dull complexion.
Manuka honey intensively nourishes the skin with vitamins and softens it.
Royal Jelly improves the overall tone, giving the skin a radiant and healthy glow.
The formula is fortified with Glutathione (PHA acid), which has a mild and delicate cleansing and exfoliating effect on the skin.

How to use
Moisten the contents with a cotton pad and place it on the T zone or areas with a lot of sebum, and continue to moisten the contents so that the cotton does not dry out.
After 15~20 minutes, remove the sebum from the pores by gently pressing it with a cotton swab and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to finish.

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