I'M FROM Honey serum 30ml


아임프롬 허니 세럼 30ml

Brand : I’m from


Product description

Jiri Mountain Honey: Packed with nutrients for gentle and efficient skin-soothing effects
Black Bee Propolis: Moisturizes and nourishes skin
Turmeric: Firms skin and helps cleanse impurities
Bee Pollen: Rich in essential nutrients and vitamins
Bee Venom: Packed with amino acids and peptides to protect skin from harm
Cinnamon: Protects skin from UV rays and environmental harm
Royal Jelly: Retains moisture and cultivates healthy, firm skin


How to use:

Formulated with a patented ingredient to richly nourish skin
Firms and illuminates dry and dull skin
Best used with Honey Glow Cream