SN CMC Plant Stem Cell Perfect Skin Soothing Essence 30ml


에스엔 초록앰플 30ml

Brand : SN


An essence containing yew tree stem cell culture based ingredient to promptly calm irritated skin. The calming effect reduces redness and soothes irritated skin. As the only skin treatment in the world containing ingredients from an authentic stem cell (Ddobyul™ Yew Tree Stem Cell), Skin Trouble Treatment is effective for acne, rashes, and other conditions of inflamed skin.

- Contains yew tree stem cell culture based ingredient to quickly and effectively calm and restore your skin's health from skin trouble due to various reasons.

- A clear liquid product without leaving a greasy or sticky feel that can be used in all skin types including sensitive trouble skin and dry skin.

- Contains natural preservatives and no alcohol to minimize irritation
- Completely free from harmful chemicals being approved for infant and child use.


It is Special
• Unhwa’s First Cosmetics Product
• Best Selling Item Ever Since
• Less than 10 kinds of ingredients
• “Little Green Miracle”
Experience Magic of Ddobyul®
• The Only Key Ingredient
   - Yew Stem Cell Culture Media
• Anti-Inflammation • Anti-Bacterial
• Anti-Oxidation
• Skin Renewal
Total Skin Trouble Treatment effect
• Acne & Redness Treatment
• Post Laser Care in Esthetics Shops
• Give Freedom back to sensitive skins
• Even Good for mosquito bites

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