Camiane Rejuvenating Royalactin Ampoule 50ml 1+1


카미안느 로열락틴 청담 앰플 50ml 1+1

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Brand : Camiane


Camiane Rejuvenating Royalactin Ampoule 50ml 1+1

Camiane operates a luxury prestige spa in Cheongdam-dong, the richest area in Gangnam,

Korea that is famous for its high-quality beauty salons.

Based on the expertise acquired from operating this spa,

the beauty that everybody dreams of was added into Camiane’s skincare products.


----------------- HOW TO USE


How To Use

- Squeeze the rubber part of the dropper and wait about 2-3 seconds until the liquid rises.

- Wait 2-3 seconds until the glass tube draws in the formula.

- Press the dropper to apply the appropriate amount of the product.

- The Camiane Queen Bee Ampoule is a nutrient-packed, viscous-type ampoule. As it is a moisture-packed formula, the dropper takes some time to draw in the content!

----------------- INGREDIENTS


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