OSULLOC Lovely Tea Box 12p. (4items*3p)


오설록상품명 러블리티박스 12입(4종x3입)

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OSULLOC Lovely Tea Box 12p. (4items*3p)



----------------- HOW TO USE


- Take 1 packet(3g) per time 3 times a day by diluting in a cup(80ml) of water. 1. If you have diathesis or are sensitive to allergies, check the ingredients prior to intake. 2. Be cautious of ingestion if you’re taking with other medicines (as for diabetes, blood anticoagulant).

----------------- INGREDIENTS


Red Ginseng Concentrate(6-year old, Solid 60%, Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 4mg/g, Korea) 13.61% (Ginseng Mixture Proportion: 100% Red Ginseng Root 100%), Crystalline Glucose, Lactose(USA), Jujube Concentrate(USA), Vitamin C, Contains Milk

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